Footstep of ancestors

Our US clients were interested in seeing where their mother had grown up in Highland Perthshire  focussing on Pitlochry and the beautiful country side around Killicerankie where other relatives had been  born and raised. In particular they were interested in visiting Tenendry church, a pretty secluded place of worship where their forefathers were christened and their mother was married.  This church is interesting because it also has a Commonwealth War grave in the adjacent cemetery.

Initially we thought the church was locked but the solid oak door was just reluctant to give us access and we entered the small but beautiful and welcoming church which is obviously well cared for by local members.

Our client spent some time in the solitude and tranquility of the intimate church and signed the visitor book to record their appreciation of the church and to mark their visit.

We continued on to House of Bruar for some cashmere shopping and a delicious Scottish produce lunch in the luxurious food hall.

The day was finished off with a tour from Pitlochry, via Logierait  to Guay on the back roads to visit the pretty cottages where great grandparents and their siblings and grown up playing their childhood in the local woodlands, the school at Logierait and the old poorhouse which featured in the childhood stories of grandparents.

It was a pleasure and privilege to share the day with our client and because I could give a lot of local information and stories to them it gave a rich experience and depth  to understanding their ancestors lives.