Best Selling Tours

In 2017 there were three best selling McIntosh Tours that stood out as the most popular this year in the Scottish Highlands.

Mcintosh Scottish Highland tours

By far the best selling Highland tour has been Off the Beaten Track, one of our adventurous luxury private tour collection, which takes travellers into the Perthshire hills to feel the isolation and serenity of the hills and glens between Dunkeld and Kenmore. Stags, grouse and buzzards are always within sight, tantalising visitors with glimpses of the stunning highland wildlife. Visitors often enjoy stopping for a photo or just to hear the silence as it pervades the glen with the weather usually adding to the atmosphere. Some visitors have opted for a picnic lunch while other have taken the hospitality of some of Perthshire’s best restaurants and hotels.

The Highlanders Tour is a close second and is popular because it gives a personal insight into our highland lives, culture and environment. As a serving Atholl Highlander and director of the Pitlochry Highland Games as well as being born and bred in the Pitlochry area, our guide can give visitors an entertaining and knowledgeable insight into highland life, its history and idiosyncrasies.

The third most popular is the Highland Whisky Tours which are different for every group of travellers we have met. Some visitors are very specific about a malt or a distillery they want to visit and have asked for a bespoke Highland whisky tour.  The visitors on the private tours enjoyed the private tasting sessions such as the Manager’s Experience at Benromach Distillery in Speyside. Others want to include a visit to a distillery on their bespoke tour itinerary. Visitors have been delighted with the tour which describes the distilling and casking process and gives our discerning visitors an exclusive bottle of Benromach to savour at home. Travellers have often chosen to end their day with a relaxing stay at one of the luxurious and historic country hotels many who offer splendid whisky selections for guests to savour after their local produce dinner.

We look forward to seeing what our 2018 travellers enjoy and to creating even more unforgettable memories for more discerning travellers to our Scottish Highlands. Look out for our Victoria’s Highland Fling at which is coming summer 2018. Contact on 07812076302 or to if you would like more information.